May 21, 2015

Types of Garage Door Openers Milwaukee

Garage door openers Milwaukee helps you to open your garage door without the need of stepping out of your car. Generally, there are four kinds of garage door openers Milwaukee that are as follows:

– Chain Drive: This is the most common kind of garage door opener. This is an inexpensive kind of garage door opener that works by using a chain that is similar to a bicycle chain which is looped around the rail. It is the oldest and popular kind of garage door opener. It is a noisy kind of opener but is still provides good value. Though, its chain may become loose over time. The chain is hidden by units which makes the chain-drive opener a little quieter.

– Belt-Drive Garage Door Openers: This type of garage door openers has a metal-reinforced rubber belt instead of a chain that is similar to a fan belt of a car. These are more expensive as compared to chain-drive kind but it works silently because there is no contact of metal. The belt-drive openers are able to lift even the heaviest type of garage doors because it is made up of rubber belt that is sturdily constructed. Because of its sturdy nature it is able to offer years of service and it often come with a lifetime belt warranty.

– Screw-Drive Garage Door Openers: These types of openers are easiest to install if you plan it to install it by yourself. It requires very little maintenance. In order to function, it uses a long metal rod threaded like a screw. You should keep it properly lubricated in order to keep the noise levels low.

– Direct Drives: These types of garage door openers use a motor which drives itself along the stationary chain. It seems to be very reliable and is easy to maintain. These are quiet in nature.