March 25, 2015

Don’t Let a Broken Garage Door Get You Down

I remember one morning as a teenager I got in my car one morning to drive to school as usual. My brother was in the car with me which would turn out to be disastrous. He pushed the button to close the garage door while I was still backing out. The noise made by the buckling steel as I rammed my car into it still makes me cringe when I think about it. As a result we were late to school, our dad was very upset, and we had a very broken garage door.

garage-openers-new-havenNew Haven Garage Door Repair is a local company to the New Haven, Connecticut area. The company specializes is garage door openers New Haven CT. The company prides themselves on having customer satisfaction as their number 1 priority. My father had to rent a company like this after our incident with the door. The garage door was fixed and everyone was happy again after a while.

I remember my first thought as I hit the garage door being that my father was going to kill me, and the second thought being that the door was going to cost a fortune to fix. Luckily with New Haven Garage Door Repair the price is both fair and honest. It really isn’t that expensive to get the job done. Again, garage door openers New Haven CT is what this company specializes in.

Some additional information about New Haven Garage Door Repair is that they offer free estimates, which by the way; I think should be standard among garage door repair companies. The process of estimating, contracting, and getting the job done is both fast and easy, and it is possible because the service is local. They are insured as well, so in case something goes wrong you don’t have to worry.

New Haven Garage Door Repair doesn’t just work with broken garage doors. They are also willing to install new garage door openers New Haven CT if you are renovating. The testimonials from locals who used New Haven Garage Door Repair’s service are all positive and express their willingness to hire this company again if they ever need to. The extended warranty offered by the company is also of gold value. With the warranty you don’t need to be so upset at your kid if they decide to drive a tractor through your garage door.

So to sum it all up: New Haven Garage Door Repair is a fantastic company that serves both property managers as well as regular home owners. They specialize in garage door openers New Haven CT and offer a bunch of benefits. They give free estimates, offer an extended warranty, provide 24/7 emergency service, price honestly and fairly, and they are a fast local service. New Haven Garage Door Repair won’t be able to guarantee you that your kids or friends won’t tear your garage door down, but they can make it hurt a little less when it happens. They will be there quickly to repair the door, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. After all, New Haven Garage Door Repair number 1 priority is customer satisfaction.