March 7, 2018

Planning Backyard Weddings on a Budget

backyard weddings on a budgetA wedding is one of the most beautiful and elegant events one will ever experience in their lifetime. Unfortunately, there are many of us that simply can’t afford the exorbitant costs that are associated with holding a traditional storybook wedding. However, you can still create the wedding you’ve always envisioned without beginning your new life in a massive amount of debt. The leaders in Arizona wedding lights and installation are here to help you plan backyard weddings on a budget.

Tips for Hosting A Wedding in Your Backyard

Here are some helpful tips for planning backyard weddings on a budget:

  1. In Lieu of Gifts, Ask for Help

Instead of asking friends and family for gifts for your wedding, ask them for help. Most of us have a fairly eclectic group of friends, meaning there’s almost always at least one singer or musician in the group. If so, invite them to perform during the ceremony or reception. If another friend works in a bar or restaurant, ask them if they would be interested in mixing or serving drinks to your guests.

  1. Save On Food by Catering the Event Yourself

backyard weddings on a budgetYou can save a lot of money by catering the wedding yourself. You can prepare all the meals the day before so they are ready to serve on the big day. Or if cooking isn’t your strong suit, you can ask all of your guests to bring a dish as part of a potluck feast. If either option simply isn’t feasible, you can always ask a family-owned restaurant to do the catering. Family-owned establishments are far cheaper than chain or corporate outfits and are far more likely to work with you on price.

  1. Provide Your Own Alcohol

Nothing can drain a wedding budget like alcohol, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, you can dramatically reduce costs by providing some libations and encouraging guest to bring their own. Offer guests complimentary beer, wine and champagne, but ask them to bring hard alcohol if your options won’t suffice. You can save even more money by purchasing a keg of beer as opposed to dozens of bottles or cans.

  1. Make Your Own Decorations

backyard weddings on a budgetYou can save big on decorations by making them yourself. Chain craft, hobby and even big box stores carry everything you need to create the perfect display. You can even search second-hand stores and various websites for decorations and centerpieces. This is another instance in which you can enlist the help of your friends if creativity isn’t your forte.

  1. Provide Your Own Tunes

No backyard wedding or ceremony is complete without music. But with all the advancements in technology, there’s no reason to shell out hundreds on a DJ and equipment. You can provide your own tunes a variety of ways. Many of us already have music apps downloaded on our phones or computers. Take an hour in the weeks leading up to the wedding and create a playlist specifically for the event. You can then purchase inexpensive wireless speakers that can be used in the home after the wedding.

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