February 24, 2015

Always Rekey your Home After Moving Long Distance

long-distance-moversIt is essential to rekey your home every time you move long distance. This is because it is impossible to determine the number of people who have access to the house you are moving into. The previous owners may still have the keys or they may have given out some spare keys to their family or neighbors. If your moving and havn’t decided on a moving company for your cross country move, we recommend this Find Cross Country Movers website.

If there was some renovation work going on in the house before you moved in, it means that the contractor may have keys to access the house and this poses a significant security risk. It is impossible to tell if any individual with keys to the house will try to gain access to your home in future and this is why you should rekey the locks immediately.

Rekeying is a simple and cost effective way to make sure your belongings and family are safe. Rekeying helps because it modifies the specific pins used in the locks. This means that old keys cannot work on the locks after they are rekeyed.

rekey-door-locksIt is cheaper to rekey your locks instead of replacing all of them. If the locks are in great condition, there is no need to replace them. Quality locks can be quite expensive and rekeying offers an effective solution. It is important to use a reliable locksmith for the rekeying.

Rekeying can be done on short notice. A professional locksmith will rekey the locks within a few minutes. This means that your new home will not be vulnerable to security threats once you move in. You can also choose to rekey your home to make sure the locks use a single key. It is convenient to access all the locks with one key instead of carrying several keys for every lock in the house. Most people prefer to use one key for their entry doors.

When choosing a locksmith to rekey your locks, make sure they have adequate experience. You want your locks to function well for a long time. A professional will rekey the locks properly without causing any damage. Work with someone who is willing to offer a guarantee. This is important because it assures you that you are not likely to experience any problems with the locks once they are rekeyed.

Contact a locksmith in the area you are moving to. This should be done before you settle in. Rekeying will give you peace of mind because you know there is no stranger who has access to your home.